Recruitment Process

COVID-19 NOTICE: All HBSAR academies are cancelled until further notice. The website will be updated with information regarding the next academy as social distancing requirements are modified. For any questions, please reach out to the academy staff at

Huntington Beach Search & Rescue is currently accepting enrollment applications. We are seeking candidates between 14-17 years old, must be currently enrolled in high school, of good physical and moral character and maintain a GPA of 2.0 (C) average.


Applicants must be:

  • Between the ages of 14 and 17.
  • Be a graduate of junior high school.
  • Capable of safely performing strenuous physical activity in emergency situations.
  • In possession of strong moral character.
  • Currently maintaining a 2.0 grade point average.

HBSAR Training Academy Schedule

2020 Winter Academy

Parent Orientation: January 23rd, 2020 – 7:00PM

Physical Agility Testing & Oral Boards: January 30th, 2020 – 5:00PM sharp

2020 Spring Academy

Parent Orientation: April 9th, 2020 – 7:00PM

Physical Agility Testing & Oral Boards: April 16th, 2020 – 5:00PM sharp

2020 Fall Academy

Parent Orientation: September 3rd, 2020 – 7:00PM

Physical Agility Testing & Oral Boards: September 10th, 2020 – 5:00PM sharp

Testing Process

The testing process will consist of 3 parts:

Part I: Physical Agility Test (PAT)

Half Mile Run: This will be on a measured track twice around the perimeter of the Joint. Powers Training Center and must be done in less than 3 minutes.

Stair Run: With an air pack on your back, you will begin at the bottom stair of the Training Tower, go to the 3rd floor (missing no steps) and return to the bottom in 22 seconds.

Weight Lift: From the 3rd floor of the Training Tower, you lift a dead weight of 25 pounds from the bottom of the Training Tower over the 3rd floor balcony then lower it to the ground in 30 seconds.

Ladder Raise: You must lift a ladder full height and return to the ground. No Time Limit. Pass/Fail.

Litter Carry: Two persons carry a litter with a dead weight of 50 pounds once around the compound (1/4 mile). Half way around, you stop and change places. No other stops or changes are permitted. No Time Limit. Pass/Fail.

Part II: Oral Interview

Each candidate will go through an Oral Board Interview with Advisors and various other members of HBSR.

Part III: Background Investigation

A criminal background check will be conducted on each candidate.

Please submit all applications to the Search & Rescue building located a Joint Powers Training Center off Gothard. Do NOT submit applications to the Huntington Beach Police Department or any Huntington Beach Fire Station.

For questions, please email

Applications must be submitted by the start of each academies Physical Agility Testing & Oral Board date. All applications must be submitted in person with both the applicant and parent or guardian present for final review before acceptance. Applications that are incomplete without a parent or guardian present will be rejected without exception.

Download the Application
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