Life at Search & Rescue

Is Search & Rescue all work and no play? No.

Serious work is not the only function of Search and Rescue. Explorer Post #563 always leaves time for fun, friendship, and laughter. Campouts, picnics, BBQ’s, and field trips are an important part of the program. Building strong and healthy peer relationships is a vital component for keeping “good kids” good.

Firearms Training

Explorers spend a day having the opportunity to fire thousands of rounds of ammunition through many different types of weapons under the guidance of law enforcement training staff.

Law Enforcement Competitions

During these competition Law Enforcement Explorers from all over the country compete in different Police related events to test their training and earn bragging rights. Felony Car Stops and Mock Hostage Rescues are some of the events the explorers engage in.

Explorer Fire Academy

Annual week long Explorer Fire Academies are held throughout California where hand picked explorers are sent from each agency to learn real life fire fighting techniques. These academies expand on training our explorers are given throughout the year.

Beach Getaways

Every few months Explorers spend a relaxing evening at local beaches and have the opportunity to enjoy a BBQ dinner, play football or soccer on the beach, and sit by the bonfire roasting marshmellos and smores.

Explorer Police Academy

Each Explorer is sent to an off-site, three day law enforcement exploring academy where they learn many aspects of law enforcement, such as physical fitness, tactics, report writing, crime scene investigations, K-9 searches and crowd/traffic control. Team-building and attention to detail are key aspects learned throughout the academy.

Rope Rescue Training

Each year several Explorers are chosen to attend the Fire Department’s urban Search & Rescue classes. Aspects such as tactical rope rescue, underground rescues, haz-mat training, and rescue systems classes are given in a classroom setting. Upon completion of the classroom portion, students are given extensive hands-on, practical training in a controlled environment.